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Zhuji city, zhejiang day machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (former) day water conservancy machinery factory) is a joint-stock enterprise, zhejiang) day group co., LTD, mechanical branch of China water resources enterprise association member units, specializing in the production of hydraulic metal structure products, opening and closing machine, hydraulic engineering has a history of more than 50 years of factory, the product sells in distant markets at home and abroad.

Company issued by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine medium plane wheel lock, medium plane slide gate, medium radial gate, medium pressure steel pipes, trash rack industrial products production license (XK07-001-00315) issued by the national ministry of water resources and medium-sized fixed winding type hoist (SXK55-043-2013); Large screw hoist (SXK55-044-2013) of water conservancy projects use license, is a water conservancy industry has obtained ISO9002:1994 quality certification enterprises; In December 2006, the successful completion of ISO9001:2000 international quality system standard version; In December 2009 and complete system according to the standards demanded by the new quality system audit, issue a ISO9001:2008 version of the certificate, is the national product quality supervision and spot checks of qualified units, quality good faith demonstration enterprise of zhejiang province, the quality system for normal and effective operation.

Company is located in the hometown of xi shi for transshipment fengqiao town, zhuji city, tsing lung, covers an area of more than 20700 square meters, registered capital of 15 million yuan. The company has a production of hydraulic metal structure products professional technical team and complete sets of processing equipment, steel structure production capacity of 2500 tons. Have a metal structure, machinery processing, heat treatment, anti-corrosion corrosion and other equipment more than 200 sets, with vehicles, shaver, milling, grinding, boring and all kinds of metal cutting processing ability. Metal structure detection with ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector, magnetic powder flaw detection, magnetic thickness gauge, etc., detection means complete. From raw materials into the factory, process preparation, manufacture, assemble, transportation, installation and debugging, after-sales service and so on each link can do strictly the quality pass. Over the years the company for the domestic and foreign many large and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects, the key fabrication and installation quality of hydraulic metal structure products and water conservancy project opening and closing device. Such as jingning crane, qiantang river levee engineering, the secondary hydropower station HuiAn hydropower station in yunnan, yunnan tertiary ma hydropower station, wanzai county of jiangxi province 13 consolidation project of the reservoir, and consolidate project of zhuji city qingshan reservoir, shangyu okxzm to cixi hub project, shaoxing binhai brake hub project, cixi proportion lu around the time of the two, three phase, etc., and achieved good social effect and economic benefit, the user reflect good, well received the owner.

Company has always been to \"science and technology for this, the essence and development; satisfied customers, honesty to win the market\" quality policy for the purpose, is shaoxing municipal level to confirm qualified unit, has no bad credit records, the company was rated as AA grade credit enterprise credit management committee, zhejiang province. Hope that through our joint efforts, and constantly improve enterprise innovation ability and service ability, sincere cooperation, mutual win-win.

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